Outside of the box

You are no stranger to Lyon, and you want to explore different neighbourhoods and themes. Then these tours "outside of the box" will suit you!

Lyon-Confluence : from the wasteland to ecodistrict

Come and discover this former industrial district which has become one of the largest eco-districts in Europe! By redeveloping this 150-hectare district, the city of Lyon has doubled the size of its city centre and made it a showcase for ecological and contemporary architecture. Previously deserted by the people of Lyon, The Confluence has become a lively and trendy district that allows us to imagine our cities of the future. Architects from all over the world have participated in this project, which has been a place of architectural experimentation for them.

The Ghosts of Lyon's Grand Hôtel-Dieu

What do the Pont d'Avignon, Rabelais, the Pantheon in Paris and Auguste Lumière have in common? The Grand Hôtel-Dieu of Lyon, of course!

A beloved building for the people of Lyon who were born here up to 2010, this monument tells us about eight centuries of Lyon's history and the history of medicine. Reopened in 2019 after having undergone the largest private conversions, we can once again wander from courtyard to courtyard and admire the tremendous work of the craftsmen and workers who restored these 40,000 m2 area. Moving between past and present, we will discover the many ghosts that still inhabit the building, but also its current occupants.2. Entre passé et présent, nous découvrirons les nombreux fantômes qui peuplent encore le bâtiment mais également ses occupants actuels.

Lyon, Capital of the Resistance

"This Gallic capital became then the capital of french Resistance"

(Speach of the General de Gaulle, 14 September 1944, Lyon City Hall)

Choose your nicknames! Don't forget your counterfeit papers! We are going to discover Lyon’s most important places during the Second World War. The headquarters of the Gestapo or the French Militia, a clandestine printing works, the headquarters of an underground intelligence network or secret meeting places. You will be plunged into the heart of this troubled period which saw the birth of heroes such as Lucie Aubrac or Jean Moulin.

And who knows? Perhaps we will discover that Lyon was not only the capital of the Resistance?

Street art Lyon: the ephemeral tour!


What are we going to see during this tour? … No idea! Let’s be surprised ! Become a street art hunter during this ephemeral and original tour. We will go into the streets of the Croix-Rousse district wide-eyed and eager to discover the surprises prepared by our street artists : murals, stickers, stencils, mosaics, sculptures… There will be something for everybody.

Prices & information

Groups of up to 30 people (except for restrictions in sites and museums)

Duration of the tour : 2 hours

Tarif : 190€

E-mail: contact@happy-culture.fr

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