It is your first visit to Lyon and you don't want to miss out on what makes this city so famous? These are the "must-sees" that you should choose from!

The Old City

The Old City is a real treasure you must see during your stay in Lyon. A real treat is how the colourful architecture is reflected along the Saône river. In the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old City spreads through three districts; Saint-Georges, Saint-Jean and Saint-Paul. Each district has its own unique atmosphere. Come with me and let’s stroll along their narrow streets and private "traboules". You will discover how this area became the beating heart of Lyon during medieval times and the Renaissance period.

The Fourvière Hill

Whichever way you decide to climb this hill : either on foot or by cable car, this ascent is part of the Lyon experience. The Fourvière Hill is indeed one of the most important hills for the residents of Lyon as it is the birthplace of the Roman city! Thanks to the Roman remains you will discover the origins of the city, but also how it developed throughout this period thanks to the most magnificent views of Lyon. At the top of the hill, you will find Lyon’s most emblematic monument : The basilica of Fourvière. For me, it is always a pleasure to see the look of surprise on visitors as they enter this jewel.

Croix-Rousse Hill

From the top of the Croix-Rousse hill we will descend, using either the stairs or the traboules to see Lyon’s city hall. Here we will find out about the silk weavers who lived in this former silk weaver district. Come with me to find out about how they lived during the 19th century, the typical architecture of their workshops and how they managed to storm city hall during the famous “Revolt of the Canuts”!


Croix-Rousse Hill is less visited but is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it offers beautiful views of the city and has kept its village atmosphere. Street artists’ graffiti still remind us of the rebellious side of the hill.

The Peninsula (Presqu'île)

Visiting the Peninsula means jumping from place to place to discover the most important and richest buildings in Lyon. As we stroll along, the most sumptuous facades of the UNESCO World Heritage Site will unfold before you, these being The Grand Hôtel-Dieu, Célestins Theatre, Palais du Commerce, Lyon Opera House, Palais Saint-Pierre and finally the Hôtel de Ville.

The Great Masterpieces of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

Come with me to the heart of Lyon - the Place des Terreaux, and let’s push open the doors of the Palais Saint-Pierre, a former convent which today is home to the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon. This museum takes us on a journey through time and space thanks to its chronological tour from Antiquity to modern and even contemporary art, which will allow us to discover the 2nd largest collection of Islamic art or the 2nd largest public impressionist collection in France!

Did the sculptor Maillol lack chivalry when he named his sculpture of a naked woman "The Mountain"? Where did the Koré of Lyon leave her legs? Did you know that the term "impressionist" was originally an insult? Why did Picasso depict a woman picking her toenails? How can black be colourful?


We will answer these questions and more!

Groups of up to 20 people (Entrance fee : €95/group)

Musée des Confluences

The Musée des Confluences is the key building of the eco-district Confluence. Its "deconstructivist" architecture will surprise you! Come with me in this spaceship, we will go on a trip through countries and times in order to have a better understanding of human being.

Groups of up to 20 persons (entrance fee : €7/pers. + 30€ reservation)




Prices & information

Groups of up to 30 people (except for restrictions in sites and museums)

Duration of the tour : 2 hours

Tarif : 180€


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